All Sponsorships 20% Off Until 8/12/2016

We are always looking for sponsors to help with the event. Sponsorship comes with many great benefits beyond just knowing how much you have helped out. Let’s take a look at some of the sponsorship levels we have set up so far. Donation Receipt Provided Upon Request

Download Sponsorship PacketĀ pdf

Business Sponsors

Bronze Sponsor ($100.00)

    We appreciate that every little bit helps. For getting started we will be sure to include your name in our program.

Silver Sponsor($250.00)

    We recognize your graciousness so along with your name in our program we will put your logo in the sponsorship section of our website.

Gold Sponsor($500.00)

    To demonstrate our gratitude for your extended support you will receive a half page advertisement in our program along with your logo on our website with a link back to a web location of your choice.

Platinum Sponsor($1,000.00)

    We bow before you has you grace us with your generosity. To show our appreciation we will be sure to include your name in any radio and print ads we find ourselves in as well as our social media posts. We will also dedicate a page in your honor in our program, and include your logo on our website with a link to a location of your choice.

Premiere Sponsor

    We will create a custom plan that reflects the amount of your gracious donation.